Tradition Meets Innovation

Light Flower 2.0 exhibits at Lane Crawford under the latest ‘Making Moments’ campaign, as a ‘Moment of Creativity’ and in these times of uncertainty, we go back to the core idea of creativity as hope and bring a moment of positive connection and the relationship between craft and technology.Thank you to the support of Lane…… Continue reading Tradition Meets Innovation

Shanghai Talk

On 2015-10-16, following the media launch of ‘Light Flower’, SKY YUTAKA were invited to talk in Shanghai to share a brief history of the light flower installation working with Lane Crawford and Swarovski crystals. Sarah and Yutaka shared some of their inspiration for the works, design process and current preoccupations as well as their aspiration for the future and their thought on…… Continue reading Shanghai Talk

Light Flower Installation

In celebration of the partnership between Lane Crawford and Swarovski, SKY YUTAKA created their latest interactive ‘Light Flower’ installation for an exclusive exhibition as part of Shanghai Fashion Week. The exhibition is part of Swarovski and Lane Crawford celebration of their recent 165th and 120th anniversaries respectively. Responding to a brief which called for an exploration…… Continue reading Light Flower Installation

Rain Flower installation

SKY YUTAKA are part of the new visionaries and designers selected to launch the start of Lane Crawfords 165 campaign with our commissioned installations which look into design issues for the future. See more of our responsive ‘Rain flower’ installation in Hong Kong stores Canton Road and IFC, Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai through A/W 2015…… Continue reading Rain Flower installation


SKY YUTAKA has been selected as one of the Architecture/Interior finalists of Lane Crawford’s Calling For the Next New, part of its PLATFORM initiative. Platform is Lane Crawford’s social responsibility programme that contributes to the global creative community, providing a “platform” for both new and emerging talent and businesses, nurturing and growing the next generation of…… Continue reading LANE CRAWFORD PLATFORM