Shilpa Gupta Exhibition at AAA

‘That Photo we never got’ is part of the ’15 Invitations for 15 Years’ series which is a research project taking form in Asia Art Archive’s library. A diverse collection of works, Gupta’s practice explores the dynamics of contexts, perception and cartographies of knowledge which incorporates methods of archiving into her work. Drawing from the […]


It has been four months since ‘Excessive Enthusiasm: Ha Bik Chuen and the Archive as Practice’ opened at the Asia Art Archive and the exhibition period will be further extended until mid-July during which time we cordially invite you to pay a visit in the last remaining weeks. Featured in the latest Summer edition of International […]

Excessive Enthusiasm: Ha Bik Chuen and the Archive as Practice

SKY YUTAKA are the Exhibition design partner for Asia Art Archive’s new exhibition, ‘ Excessive Enthusiasm: Ha Bik Chuen and the Archive as Practice’. As part of a Asia Art Archive pilot project, Excessive Enthusiasm invites the public to experience the Hong Kong artist’s parallel practices that included photographing exhibitions he attended, collecting materials ranging from illustrated magazines to […]

Art Basel, O-Structure, Hong Kong

SKY YUTAKA would like to congratulate New York based Studio Christian Wassmann and Francesca Grassi on the success of this year’s Art Basel Open Platform Booth commissioned by Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong. For our recent transatlantic collaboration SKY YUTAKA assisted in the project management and realisation of this unique ’O-Structure’ together with the dedicated team at AAA.