Matter Matters, a material art exhibition in Hangzhou

Light Flower 2.0 features in Matter Matters, a material art exhibition in Hangzhou which invites us to reflect on understanding matter and to question the origin of materials and its value and meaning to our life and society. How do we discover, understand, transform, innovate and through collaboration between designers, artists, scientists and creators can…… Continue reading Matter Matters, a material art exhibition in Hangzhou

Wan Chai Reflection

SKY YUTAKA are participating in Business of Design Week’s City Programme, a citywide creative and business community activation programme with the aim to connect, celebrate and engage the public, activate the community and foster collaboration with local businesses and brands. As part of the Education and Community Activation Programme, “Wanchai Reflection” the kinetic installation originally built…… Continue reading Wan Chai Reflection

Kinetic Installation at Clockenflap 2018

ACOUSTIC LIGHT is an event-specific installation developed in response to Hong Kong’s annual Arts and Music Festival Clockenflap which took place during 9th to 11th of November 2018. Responding to the event theme “Sensoria” SKY YUTAKA contributed to the event by continuing on our ongoing development of our ‘Architecture of Shade’ research work.Set against the…… Continue reading Kinetic Installation at Clockenflap 2018

Wan Chai Grammatica

Wan Chai GrammaticaWanchai, one of Hong Kong’s most vibrant and iconic districts is celebrated as part of Hong Kong Arts Centre’s 40th Anniversary Flagship exhibition ‘Wanchai Grammatica : Past, Present Future Tense’. Curation: Valerie C. Doran and HKAC Curatorial Team; Exhibition architecture by @skyyutaka; visual identity by

Light Flower at Design Society Museum

As a development to our ongoing studio research work, Light Flower continues our exploration on combining traditional crafts with contemporary design possibilities.This commission will feature as a part of Design Society’s second exhibition, Craft: The Reset, an unique new exhibition about the reawakening of crafts in contemporary design and society which investigates the widening possibilities of crafts…… Continue reading Light Flower at Design Society Museum

23rd IFVA Awards Media Art category

Yutaka participated as the Jury panel for the 23rd IFVA Awards Media Art category, celebrating South East Asia media art. It follows last year’s jury process which Sky Lee participated. SKY YUTAKA would like to express congratulations to all the finalists and the winners for their wonderful works and promoting creative spirit of Hong Kong…… Continue reading 23rd IFVA Awards Media Art category

Notating Beauty that Moves – Music at an Exhibition

SKY YUTAKA are delighted to participate as exhibition designer for ‘Notating Beauty That Moves – Music at an Exhibition’ is an exhibition and performance series which kicks off Hong Kong Arts Month. Presented by Hong Kong Sinfonietta the exhibition explores the relationship between the motion of the musicians and the notation on the score, the…… Continue reading Notating Beauty that Moves – Music at an Exhibition

Borrowed Nature

Minding the Digital , © Design Society  Photo:Zhang Chao Our commissioned piece Borrowed Nature opened on 1st December 2017 as part of the Design Society’s inaugural ‘Minding The Digital’ exhibition in the Main Gallery. Borrowed Nature is the latest development in our studio research and ongoing exploration in kinetic structures which has been refined and developed…… Continue reading Borrowed Nature