Water Ladder

Water Ladder, a conceptual Masterplan proposal adopts water infrastructure as an integral part for the park’s planning framework for the site area of 250 Hectares with different zones including Innovation R&D District, a Cultural Business District, Gateway District and an Eco Residential District.

Acknowledging the location’s eponymous link with water, a key water infrastructure facilities including wetland park for greywater collection and storage, water treatment ponds, water filtration facilities combined with museum buildings, series of kinetic renewable solar power stations, various articulated water transportation links, viaduct and bridge that stretches’ across the landscape create an unique spatial character and act as backdrop for the new lifestyles centered on human nature and ecology.

Size: 250 Hectares,
Service: Masterplan, Architecture, Landscape
Status: Competition
SKY YUTAKA Team: Yutaka Yano, Sky Lee, Hijiri Nagasawa, Gigi Yuan