TKO Twins

TKO Twins, is a dual pedestrian and vehicular bridge proposal for Junk bay: the bridge consisting of cable-stayed bridge structure to form free span bridge section over the water gateway below that will become highly visible visual marker for the bay. The bridge is composed of two fixed twin decks, the upper deck for vehicles and a lower deck for pedestrians and cyclists. Each deck is supported by mast towers collectively forming a recognizable Double Mast structure.

The viewing platform, a pedestrian green deck extending out over the water and incorporates seating and landscaping to form a highly unique amenity space in the middle of the bay for the daily users. Protective glass balustrades allow unobstructed views and further lighten the visual appearance of the bridge.

Location: Junk Bay, Hong Kong SAR
Scope: Architecture, Competition Joint 1st Winner, organised by CEDD
SKY YUTAKA Team: Yutaka Yano, Sarah Lee, Ray Lam