The Reflections is an architectural installation consisting of 9m high, 100m+ long metallic nylon foil suspended from the ceiling of the public piazza outside commercial complex in Hong Kong’s busy Tsim Sha Tsui district. The installation includes DMX computer controlled lighting system, video wall and audio sound to create immersive experience for the visitors during the evening. During the daytime, the suspended surface gently sway with wind movement and interacts with sunlight that create array of reflections at the space underneath.

The project is part of a larger event organised by the client which included exhibition design of space inside the commercial building next door with installation by renowned artist Song Dong and People’s Architecture Office as well as design and fabrication of special pop-up stores used during the event.

Type: Multi-media Installation
Location: K11 Piazza, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Scope: Design and project management of multimedia installation
Project Team: Yutaka Yano, Sarah Lee, Cheng Nga Ki Katie, Yvonne To, Viola Sze Wing Poon; Osamu Yano (Music)