Rain Flower

The kinetic installation celebrates the evolution of Lane Crawford and innovation at the heart of the brand with the Rain Flower installation, which is built on the studio’s ongoing preoccupation into responsive architecture that can adapt to dynamic changing environment. Triggered by water sensors placed along the edge of the shallow water tank with multiple apertures at the bottom to create water droplets representing the rainfall, the Rain Flower responds to the flow of water by gently opening and closing its petals repeatedly to provide protection or protect itself from the elements. All the kinetic motions are achieved through use of series of carefully adjusted counterweight mechanism so that it uses minimum amount of energy to perform its protective movement.

The installation was designed through numerous prototypes built in the studio space. In close collaborations with partners with different disciplines including electrical and mechanical engineer, software programmer, fabricator and logistic manager, total of 33 flower units were fabricated in factory in Shenzhen and installed at 6 locations across China.

Type: Kinetic Installations
Location: Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu
Scope: Design and Prototyping
Project Team: Yutaka Yano, Sarah Lee, Tammy Lee, John Lau Kai Yin, Wing Wu Tsz, Venus Lee Chuen Fan, RJ Models Shenzhen (Fabricator)
Photo Credit: Lane Crawford