Rain Flower

Rain Flower
Location: Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hong Kong
Client: Lane Crawford
Service: Concept Design, fabrication of prototypes, Project Management
Status: Completed
Photos: Lane Crawford
SKY YUTAKA Team: Yutaka Yano, Sky Lee, Tammy Lee, John Lau Kai Yin, Venus Lee Chuen Fan,  Yip Wing Siu

Our concept for the installation proposal is build on the practice’s ongoing design research into responsive architecture that reflects upon human needs to adapt to ever changing environment. The fundamental nature of architecture is to respond to the surrounding world through construction of new built environment, helping us to better adapt to external forces and continue to evolve our way of life into the future which have developed over many generations.

The design proposal celebrates this evolution of Lane Crawford and innovation at the heart of the brand with the Rain Flower installation which presents a refined articulation of this responsive structure rather than focusing on aspect of its tectonic and engineering mechanism.

Triggered by water sensors and reflective glass plates containing constant circulation of water representing the rainfall, the Rain Flower responds to the flow of water by gently opening and closing its petals repeatedly to provide protection or protect itself from the elements. All the kinetic motions are achieved through use of series of carefully adjusted counterweight mechanism so that it uses minimum amount of energy to perform its protective movement.

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