Private House in London

The project is refurbishment of 3-storey Victorian detached-house including creation of a new basement level and ground floor extension for a family with 3 children. The design adopts clean open plan layout with spacious living room and double height dinning area with introduction of soft daylight from the newly created skylights above the kitchen. The existing fireplace and the chimney was carefully retained and strengthened with structural reinforcement to act as the centre piece of the living room area.

Working with the old building fabric, the detailing was carefully refined during the construction phase to allow for large tolerances inherent with typical renovation project. The design included bespoke glass and metal staircase, wine cellars, large en-suite bathrooms and walk-in cupboards. During the design development phase, which spanned over number of years, numerous design iterations were made to reflect the owner’s lifestyle and aspirations for their idea of modern home.

Location: London, UK
Scope: Detail Design and Contract Administration
Project Team: Yutaka Yano in association with Circus Architects