Light Flower 2.0

Light Flower 2.0 is an interactive installation that experiment with the human’s emotional link with the machine with use of facial recognition sensors. The project is built on the earlier work which also explored the relationship between traditional crafts and contemporary design practice in the era of digital design. The contrasting appearance of the hand-made flower parts and the tectonic structure is a direct response to the current condition where the traditional crafts in China are in decline due to socio economic change and decreasing perceived value of the hand-made objects with transformation of our lifestyle.

The installation consisting of 4 sets of flower units using lightweight bamboo mesh, which are used widely in popular Chinese steam basket, are carefully cut into specific geometry and sewn together with nylon fabric. The flower units are made to contract and expand with purpose made contraption device controlled by facial recognition sensor which recognise and track the audience standing in front. The visitors are encouraged to play with the feedback from the sensor which tracks the facial expression in the form of varying lighting effects on the LED ring and when the sensor detects a smile, the flower units begin to open up one by one to engage the audience.

Type: Interactive Installation
Location: Design Society Museum (Exhibited as part of “Craft : The Reset” exhibition), Shenzhen
Scope: Design and fabrication 
Project Team: Yutaka Yano, Sarah Lee, Janice Lam Yuen Sze, Kira Lo Hoi Yau, Lara Lee Lok Yee, Nisham Limbu, Allan Au (Programming and Electronics Engineering)