Light Flower

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Light Flower
Location: Shanghai
Client: Swarovski, Lane Crawford
Service: Concept Design, fabrication of Prototypes and the final installation
Status: Completed
SKY YUTAKA Team: Yutaka Yano, Sky Lee, Tammy Lee, Wing Wu Tsz

Light Flower is a movement responsive lighting device installation for the Lane Crawford x Swarovski project as part of Lane Crawford’s Platform programme.

The device has an external envelope made from paper and bamboo frame using the techniques of the traditional Chinese paper crafts. The envelope is made to contract and expand with carefully engineered aluminium frameworks behind with stepper motor controlled by micro-controller and IR sensor which detects the movement of the surrounding people which trigger the movement of the flower.

Seemingly traditional appearance of paper cladding is set against contrasting aluminium engineered structure is our attempt to respond to the brief calling for design which aspired to the future while finding inspiration in the traditional culture.

Swarovski crystal are carefully positioned on the moving aluminium frames which catches and disperse the lights to create changing lighting patterns on the surrounding surfaces.