Garden Museum

Design study for the national museum of Singapore that tells the narrative of the key events leading up to and following the founding of the country: The design concept responds to the garden setting by raising the building massing above ground to allow the elevated museum space to have clear visual connection with the water and views across the harbour. The raised building also creates subterranean like open public space underneath with the main entrance framed by reflective ceiling that capture the texture of the landscape surrounding, heightening the sense of awareness as the visitor approach the building.

The high-rise structural spine is designed as sculptural visual marker and iconic landscape feature as well as allowing the building to cantilever from the central core without the need for additional structure and create a dynamic column free space below. 

Garden Museum
Location: Singapore
Status: Competition
SKY YUTAKA Team: Yutaka Yano, Sky Lee, John Lau Kai Yin