Sarah Lee and Yutaka Yano from SKY YUTAKA, working in collaboration with Davina Lee from Diorama Projects, Roger Wu and Alan Lai have been selected as Curator and Producer for Architecture Exhibition in London RIBA. Tall Storeys – Evolution in Hong Kong Architecture – 1965 to 2014 presents the story of Hong Kong through its […]

Architecture and Nature

Area affected by tsunami, Yuriage, Sendai, Photo 2013-05-01 (Yutaka) Architecture and Nature: Today many of us live in a city environment similar to Hong Kong where we have access to seemingly unlimited supply of food, commodity and energy supported by variety of mega-infrastructure network. Standing inside the cities’ densely populated urban labyrinth, one often feels […]

FORUM “Searching for the link between Urban Design and Architectural Agenda”

On Saturday 8th of February between 3-5pm, we held a successful forum for the exhibition Future Platform at Oi!. Thank you for all the participants who kindly spared their time to join the interesting discussions and share their thoughts about our City, Hong Kong, Architecture and Art. We are also grateful for the G2 students […]

Future Platform Exhibition, “2013 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture (Hong Kong)” “Beyond the Urban Edge: The Ideal City?”

Exhibition Venue: Activity Room-2 Oi!, 12 Oil Street, North Point, Hong Kong Date: 26th January – 15th February 2014   Forum: Oi!, 12 Oil Street, North Point, Hong Kong Date: 8th February 3-5pm   “Future Platform: Searching for the link between Urban Design and Architectural Agenda” “Future Platform” presents a series of design proposals for […]

Grand opening of Golden Jubilee Alumni Garden / Alumni Landscape Garden

The Golden Jubilee Alumni Garden (Alumni Landscape Garden) was officiated by Vice-Chancellor Prof. Joseph Sung on December 7 as part of the inaugural events for CUHK’s 50th Anniversary. Working with Estate Management Office of the university, SKY YUTAKA developed the project from concept design, specification to completion including lighting, water features, and the bespoke outdoor […]

Searching for the link between urban design and architectural agenda

(Union Square Precedent Study, Group Work CUHK G2 Studio 2012-2013)   Searching for the link between urban design and architectural agenda: Yutaka Yano from SKY YUTAKA, Adjunct Assistant Professor at School of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong will present the Faculty Lecture as part of workshop between School of Architecture CUHK and TU-Delft from […]

Learning from emerging architectural principles

Learning from emerging architectural principles: If role of architects is to act as constructive intermediary in society between the stake holders who actively change the built environment and the inhabitant, what should today’s architects aim be? In other words what are the key architectural principles that are applied to generate city of today and future? […]

Thinking about Architecture for Tomorrow

“Thinking about Architecture for Tomorrow” is translated title of public lecture held by Japanese architect Toyo Ito at School of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong in October 2012. The lecture followed workshop and discussion forum in the morning with the final year master students. Toyo Ito has been a strong influential figure for my […]

Projecting the Future of Integrated Development Building Typologies in Hong Kong

Yutaka Yano from SKY YUTAKA, Adjunct Assistant Professor at School of Architecture CUHK is running Design Studio G2 in 2012-2013 for MArchi1 students. Key aim of the studio is to establish link between urban planning issues and the architectural agenda. Acute demographic changes in Hong Kong since the beginning of 1960’s and the geographic condition […]