Portals, Stories, and Other Journeys

Photo: ©️ Virgile Simon Bertrand

Opening at Tai Kwun Contemporary today until 1 August 2021, “Portals, Stories, and Other Journeys” is an exhibition which draws from Asia Art Archive’s research into the personal archive of Ha Bik Chuen and explores what an archive can do. The exhibition comprises ten sets which restage documents and historical objects in new contexts and features commissioned works including Kwan Sheung Chi (@kwansheungchi), Lam Wing Sze (@cameraisasketchbook), Raqs Media Collective (@raqsmediacollective) and Walid Raad.

Special thanks to Michelle Wong (@mwongwt), Vivian Poon (@vivianpwy), John Tain (@mirrortravels), Garfield Chow, the AAA team and Marysia Lewandowska (@share_what_you_know) since our first collaboration and AAA journey since ‘Excessive Enthusiasm’ in 2015 and the dedicated Tai Kwun team.

Organizer: Asia Art Archive, Tai Kwun Contemporary
Client: AAA
Curator: Michelle Wong
AAA Exhibition Team: Garfield Chow, Michelle Wong (Curator), Vivian Poon (Exhibition Manager)
Architect: SKY YUTAKA
Exhibition Builder: Excel Trade
Graphic Design: MAJO
Translator: Wing Chan
Video Production: NOTRICH MEDIA
Artwork Fabrication: Watt Studio, yucolab
Exhibition Graphics Production: Fully Advertising
Specialist Supplier: ShowTex, set 2 + Set 8 screen and fabric
Venue: Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hollywood Road, Central

Banu Cennetoğlu
Ha Bik Chuen
Kwan Sheung Chi
Lam Wing Sze
Raqs Media Collective
Walid Raad

Exhibition period:
23 April – 01 August 2021