Sarah is an invited speaker at this year’s Urbanovation Inno Talks on the theme of Creating Innovative Customer Experience through Technology.

Focused on architecture for empathy, Sarah will explore our work through installations as research work for wider architecture context.

Urbanovation examines how new innovation enables stakeholders in a community shaping a more effective and sustainable urban life. The initiative helps identify innovative ideas and solutions in the region, cultivate people-centric designs, nurture innovation ecosystem and raise the public awareness of the importance of technology in life. With the support of the Innovation and Technology Commission (ICT) of the HKSAR, “Urbanovation 2019” examines how innovation and technology merge with design and art to shape sustainable commercial development and an improved urban life.

Venue: Hall 3DE, Inno Talks, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wan Chai
Date: 2pm, 5 December 2019