Children’s Workshop at Oil Street Art Space

SKY YUTAKA conducted two primary school workshops at the Oil Street Art Space as part of the Leisure & Cultural Services’ annual School Culture Day programme.

Starting with an introduction by the Oi! team explaining the brief history of the site and transformation into the current day community gallery space, SKY YUTAKA introduced the installation, inspirations through demonstration and video and discussed the role of design in adapting to the future city.

Ending with a collaborative drawing workshop, we developed a template based on an original working piece created during the concept design phase and adapted specifically for the workshop and invited the children to collaborate in pairs to respond to the theme of the future.

The workshop co-incided with the International World Animal Day first introduced in 1925 as a day dedicated to raise awareness about protection for animals around the world. Based on the idea of the separate elements of the installation including the three animals becoming a group of interconnected elements which interact as a community of organisms with their environment and working together as an ecosystem.

Many thanks to Cho Yiu and St Edward’s Primary School students and teachers for their insight and sharing future hopes for Hong Kong.