Pop Up Exhibition Installation for The Mills

A homage to evolution in Hong Kong culture since the 1960s to present day, the exhibition explores the way wearables have been integrated into Hong Kong’s daily life and pop culture. Through a selection of seminal consumer objects trace the emergence of computing and technology and set against the backdrop of high-density urban living how Hong Kong people were eager to experiment with the nomadic lifestyle enabled wearable tech and the rise of fashionable wearables.

A new system for The Mills was developed consisting of a bespoke modular units with integrated lightboxes with purpose made CNC fabricated joints and brackets which are readily assembled and designed for flexibility.


Project Team : The Mills (Organiser), MOP (Curation) and SKY YUTAKA (Design and Production)
Exhibition period: 2019.05.10 – 2019.10.31
Venue: M/F, The Mills, 45 Pak Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-8pm / Sat-Sun & Public Holiday 10am-8pm