Borrowed Nature

Borrowed Nature-DS1-1700
Minding the Digital , © Design Society  Photo:Zhang Chao

Our commissioned piece Borrowed Nature opened on 1st December 2017 as part of the Design Society’s inaugural ‘Minding The Digital’ exhibition in the Main Gallery.

Borrowed Nature is the latest development in our studio research and ongoing exploration in kinetic structures which has been refined and developed in the studio.

In the Digital Encounter zone, Borrowed Nature is part of the exploration of how human and machines intelligence meet in design, and to question where human values such as connections to traditions, craftsmanship and the environment will be integrated in the future.

The exhibition is designed by MVRDV and considers the myriad forms of digital creativities critical to China’s shift from a historic manufacturing centre to its current reinvention as an innovative hub.

Accompanying the exhibition is Minding the Digital’ publication edited by Design Society and published by Tongji University Press which features our essay ‘Interpreting Landscape in the Digital Era’.

Thank you for the support of Design Trust and special thanks to the curatorial team, Carrie Chan, Siyun Tang and our team Roy, Dorothy, Wing Qiu, Benny, Kyle and Allan Au.

Borrowed Nature-DS4-1700Borrowed Nature-DS2-1700Borrowed Nature-DS3-1700
Minding the Digital, © Design Society  Photo:Zhang Chao


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