WKCD Exhibition

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SKY YUTAKA have completed the design and production of West Kowloon Cultural District’s first major public exhibition since the public engagement exercise in 2011.

As part of Hong Kong SAR’s 20th Anniversary Celebration event organised by the Development Bureau and Planning Department, the ‘Impressions – Hong Kong’ event focuses on different aspects of Hong Kong’s built environment and ‘Cultural Hong Kong’ is a celebration of creativity and culture in the West Kowloon Cultural District.

The exhibition aims to introduce the vision and principles behind the creation of one of the largest cultural hubs in the world through integration of information displays, video, architectural models, touchscreens and VR in addition to an interactive model. Working closely with the client, SKY YUTAKA developed a bespoke solution for the interactive model from concept, design and fabrication and installation of the interactive model which introduces the key features related to the district planning over various levels.

Exhibiting at Level 3, City Gallery, Hong Kong from 20 June until 30 November 2017.

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