Gift of Light

Gift of Light is a lighting design installation that focuses on the visual essence of light, combining simple forms which play with apertures and materials to sculpt the light. The enclosure can be re-configured to adapt to different environments and provide functional and decorative use which encourages interaction between the space, surface and people.  Working with key sponsor Megaman to experiment with a diverse range of fittings and specify specific fixtures.

Launched at the K11 Art Space, Cosco Tower in Sheung Wan and voted winner of both Judges and Popular Vote Prizes, the installation has potential to be developed for future development for furniture and ambient lighting displays.

The work is on exhibit at PMQ, Staunton, 3/F, S312, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong until January 3rd 2017.

Thank you to Matthew, Suen, Maggie and Megaman team for their technical input and support through the development.