Shilpa Gupta Exhibition at AAA

‘That Photo we never got’ is part of the ’15 Invitations for 15 Years’ series which is a research project taking form in Asia Art Archive’s library. A diverse collection of works, Gupta’s practice explores the dynamics of contexts, perception and cartographies of knowledge which incorporates methods of archiving into her work.

Drawing from the AAA’s collection between 1960s to 1980s, the installation interweaves between the display concentrated at the library’s facade and juxtaposes Gupta’s art with the AAA collection.

Realising Gupta’s vision since first exhibiting at the 2015 India Art Fair,  SKY YUTAKA collaborated with the artist and AAA’s team to design and produce an installation which would respect the artists vision and respond to the library’s unique site condition.


690 x 518 AAA 2016 B.jpg