Sensing the City

Starting ahead of Hong Kong Art Week 2016, Urban Sense opened on Friday 18th March with a launch party set amongst the atrium installation, ‘Golden Bubbles’. In collaboration with K11, the exhibition explores the nature of Hong Kong’s urban context, city making and the elements which make up our experience of the city through the different senses of architecture and sound.
Curatorial team SKY YUTAKA and Diorama Projects collaborated with International and Local artists Atelier J-AR, Sarah Choi, Colin Fournier and Marysia Lewandowska, Tobias Klein, Topotek 1 and Rebecca Saunders and People’s Architecture Office. The artists responded to the curatorial theme and developed exhibition specific works which forms part of the narrative of our city. Bringing together art, architecture and sound, six local music composers were commissioned to create sound installations that responds to the art work. The musics were also interspersed with voice recordings of the artists reflections on the City and Hong Kong’s urban identity and made available for the online platform.
Intending to engage the various audiences, the exhibition includes works which are participatory and are somewhat playful in nature. Intended as a children friendly exhibition, there is a children’s guide to the exhibition and a diverse thematic book selection for all ages which has been developed to make the exhibition more inclusive.
As an extension to the exhibition theme, there will be media and curator tours, artist talk and a 2 month programme with public workshops and a series of artist workshops devised and conducted by the artists.
We wish to thank K11’s art team, exhibitors and music artists for their support.