GREAT by Design: British Architecture and Asian Vision

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GREAT by Design: British Architecture and Asian Vision celebrates the collaborative work between British Architects and reimagines the ‘The Brits Who Built the Modern World’ exhibition originally shown in RIBA Headquarters in 2014.

Organised by the Royal Institute of British Architects, the exhibition is part of the UKTI’s GREAT Britain campaign. SKY YUTAKA were commissioned to design RIBA’s first overseas exhibition ‘GREAT by Design: British Architecture and Asian Vision’ showcasing selected works for eight key architects and their projects in Hong Kong and Asia.

Working in close collaboration with the project manager and curator Suzy Jones and Diorama Projects, the multi-media installation combines content from architects, animations and videos plus unseen interview footage from the BBC’s The Brits Who Built the Modern World series specifically developed for the exhibition to provide a new dimension to the traditional mode of architectural representation and allows the visitor to read the projects within an immersive and engaging exhibition space.

In addition to the installation, selected models, photographs and drawings which adopts a less static and more spontaneous approach, the idea which allows visitors to have sense of the design process behind the each projects.

SKY YUTAKA would like to thank the RIBA and UKTI teams and all the participating firms who have generously supported this exhibition to make it happen and Professor Colin Fornier for his insightful keynote speech at the opening Forum. We are also grateful for Alex Brazier who have kindly supported in the eleventh hour to help develop the exhibition ID design.

Venue: Anita Lai-ling Gallery at the Fringe Club, Hong Kong
Exhibition duration: 31 March – 11 April 2015