Grand opening of Golden Jubilee Garden of Appreciation (Eight Gates) and launch of CUHK Alumni EcoCampus Trail

Eight Gates Pavilion 201412A.jpgDecember 4 2014 saw the completion of the Eight Gates Pavilion commissioned by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and the launch of the EcoCampus Trail which will connect the nine Colleges, central campus and the Graduate School. 

Set against a hillside of lush greenery, the installation comprises an articulated canopy structure and landscape water feature, creating a new public space for students and the university community. Designed to bridge the Sir Run Run Shaw Hall and Y.C. Liang Hall located along the central campus of CUHK,  the pavilion design respects the existing context, working with a certified arborist and landscape architect to preserve an existing banyan tree which has become the dominant feature of its immediate surroundings. In harmony with the natural environment, the new structure is a welcome addition to the university’s existing diverse landscape, respecting both the need to retain the location’s outstanding natural features as well as the need to create a new type of public space for CUHK’s thriving academic community.

SKY YUTAKA developed the project from concept design, specification to completion including lighting, water features, graphics and design for the bespoke interactive donor interface.Eight Gates Pavilion 201412B.jpg