Projecting the Future of Integrated Development Building Typologies in Hong Kong

Yutaka Yano from SKY YUTAKA, Adjunct Assistant Professor at School of Architecture CUHK is running Design Studio G2 in 2012-2013 for MArchi1 students. Key aim of the studio is to establish link between urban planning issues and the architectural agenda. Acute demographic changes in Hong Kong since the beginning of 1960’s and the geographic condition of the city has played decisive role in creating dynamic vertical city of Hong Kong we recognise today. Tracing through the timeline of Hong Kong planning framework, the studio offer students an opportunity to develop insight into Socio-economical circumstances surrounding developments in the city. By projecting our understandings and thoughts for the future of Hong Kong, we will investigate to find an alternative to current model of Integrated Development Building Typologies.

The studio will begin by conducting precedent study into two of the key landmark integrated developments in Hong Kong; the first one is Taikoo Place Development in Quarry Bay by Swire Properties and the second one Union Square Development by MTR Corporation. We will discuss the contrasting aspects of the two developments; one being regeneration project almost singlehandedly driven by private sector spanning over 33 years and still ongoing and the another being part of wider government effort to re-structure the Port and Airport Development Strategy and subsequent reclamation and associated district masterplan study and OZP. Through discussions and conducting precedent study, each student will develop alternative scenario for one of the site and develop masterplan proposal and subsequent partial architectural design.